Sepoy Agent – a Proud, Obstinate English Person

barge_match_07_100_0827For we are the People of England, and We have Not Spoken Yet.

Sepoy Agent is an English person, and a subject of Her Britannic Majesty Elizabeth II.   Sepoy Agent is proud to live in England, still the most wonderful country in the world, despite the efforts of ten years of Labour Government to wreck it.

Sepoy Agent believes that England and the English are just as important as Wales and the Welsh and Scotland and the Scots.   Sepoy Agent believes that there should be an English Parliament making domestic laws for England, in the same way as happens in Wales and Scotland.   Why should that be considered as anything other than completely fair.   Sepoy Agent believes that the “English Regions” should have no political or financial power as such, and should have no more significance than the regions of Scotland.

Sepoy Agent is a lifelong Conservative and will never support another mainstream political party.   But Sepoy Agent will support measures to fight for the English to be given fair and equal representation with the other nations of the United Kingdom.  

Sepoy Agent loves classical music:  orchestral, choral, opera and ballet.   Sepoy Agent loves books, although time constraints mean that the pile waiting to be read grows ever greater.   Sepoy Agent does not like shopping, except in bookshops and stationers.   Sepoy Agent is an amateur historian, delving into both family/local history and English history of the medieval, civil war and Georgian periods.   Sepoy Agent is having a great time going to concerts and theatre, and visiting castles and abbeys, all the things that were impossible for so many years.


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