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It’s been great being away, but good to be back blogging again, and I’ll start with James

I see it’s just over a month since I last posted.   But it’s been a good one.

I’ve had two short holidays, both great, but it doubles the pressure before and after.   Trying to clear everything up before going, then in the week in between, as well as doing the special job I came back for, trying to catch up on what had arrived while I was away and clear again before going for my second break.   During that second break I didn’t even read the newspapers.   Then when I finally returned, lots of meetings and catching up in between.

At last, a bit of light at the end of the tunnel, and I have to confess that I’ve spent a good few hours today reading up on all my favourite blogs.

There’s a lot I would have liked to comment on at the time, but probably a bit out of date now.

Still, here goes, and I’ll start by saying how great it was to see that my good friend, James Brokenshire, has been selected as PPC for Old Bexley & Sidcup.   James was an outstanding candidate at Hornchurch.   I’ve never seen anyone work harder, and he absolutely deserved to gain the seat back from Labour.   He was heavily involved in the constituency, and was a fine MP.   It was a tragedy that the boundary changes fractured Hornchurch into three pieces, each tagged on to an existing constituency, leaving nothing for the incumbent Hornchurch MP.   Those constituencies which did not select James, as he began the round of trying to find another seat, have lost an excellent constituency member, but Old Bexley and Sidcup have gained one, (dv).

Amusing to think that a constituency which once had the grumpy and rather inarticulate former Prime Minister as its MP, will now have the delightful family which is James, Kathrine and the children!