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£7.5 million home in Epping Forest bought for cash

Just seen an Essex Live report on Twitter that 9,500 homes in Essex were purchased last year by buyers who paid for their new properties outright with cash.

The most expensive one was in Epping Forest which sold for £7.5 million  –  in cash.   The report doesn’t say where the house was but it guesses it was one that sold in High Road, Chigwell.

The fact it was cash does not, of course, mean that it changed hands for a great wad of dirty £50 notes, although it may have done!   It means that the purchasers didn’t buy it with a mortgage.

It reminded me that when I was Agent for Epping Forest it was always said that houses changed hands in a certain road in Chigwell as people went in and out of prison, or alternatively had to leave the country in a hurry.   But that can’t possibly be true of Chigwell !

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Who knows about Twelfth Night

It seems nobody around these parts knows about Twelfth Night.  thumbnailca3x6dn3

They all put their decorations up at the beginning of December, some even earlier.   They take them down on New Year’s Day.

A drive from the edge of the town to my home yesterday found only a few houses with Christmas lights on, and in my road only one house in addition to mine had bravely kept their decorations until Twelfth Night.

I read this year that the Church recommends 17th December as the date for decorations to go up, although they themselves usually decorate churches from the start of the month.   I don’t put mine up until about that time, with this year being the 19th.

It is a pity that people either don’t know or just ignore the traditional Twelfth Night.

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Sepoy Agent brought back to life

I see I haven’t published any posts on this my original blog for a100_1954 good many years.   As I took on more and more subject-specific blogs, websites and Facebook and Twitter accounts I found I just didn’t have time for my own blog.

But every now and then I have wanted to publish something myself and have thought I should come back to Sepoy Agent.   So I’m starting the new year by bringing the blog back to life.   I have stripped out most of the old and no longer relevant posts from the past, and have just left a few.

From now on I will post as and when I have something I want to say, and I look forward to some good stories.