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Expiry dates on things?

Every day I take antihistamines partly because, particularly in hay fever season, my eyes just stream all day, and partly because I have a page full of allergies which make the eczema I have had since I was nine months old much worse.

Over last weekend I ran out of the tablets.   But upstairs I had some that had been there for a long time, maybe a very long time, like years and years.

I took one in the morning  –  fantastic, I felt really good all day and didn’t need to take any more.   Usually when the eczema is bad as it has been for some time I need to have three a day.   So, with that result, I have gone on using them and have continued to need only one a day.   I shall come to the end of the pack soon, probably another ten days or so, but until then……..

This leads me to think that the old pack, (from a different manufacturer), has stronger tablets.   I suppose it is just another example of Nanny State giving us what is good for us by reducing the power of the medicine.



For We Are the People of England, and We have not Spoken Yet.

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