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Judge thinks it’s OK to assault someone if the victim is not vulnerable

We are not supposed to criticize judges, but really !

Today we learn that a Judge gave a cricketer a suspended sentence for assaulting his wife because he was not convinced the woman, “an intelligent woman with a network of friends”, was vulnerable.

The man was found guilty of beating his wife with a cricket bat, of slapping her until she lost consciousness, and of forcing her to drink bleach.   The man admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Whether the woman was vulnerable is quite immaterial.   However strong she might be, she was assaulted  –  and forcing her to drink bleach could have killed her.

Suppose it was the judge who had been assaulted, he would not expect his assailant to be excused because the judge is an intelligent professional man.

It is the offence that should be punished, not whether the victim is vulnerable.