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Blue Babe has gone

Friday was a momentous day!   I changed my car!

Blue Babe had been with me for 17 years and 5 months,136,000 plus miles.   Before him, I used to change the car every three years, but I fell in love with Blue Babe.   Already I am missing his pop-up headlights and his great tilt and slide sunroof which I always have open at this time of year.

But the time had come.   I have spent a lot on Blue Babe in the last couple of years, and now the exhaust needed replacing and there are some strange noises emanating from beneath the bonnet.   Also I’m off to Durham in a week’s time, which will take six hours, and I was nervous about whether Blue Babe would stand up to it.   I think he probably would have done.   And even now I think I probably made a mistake in getting rid of him.   It troubles me to think of him standing outside all by himself at the dealer’s place waiting to be scrapped.

Talking of scrapped, I didn’t get the Government scrappage allowance because I didn’t buy new.   Can’t bear to think of losing so much value the instant a new car is put on the road.

I do  –  I think  –  like my new-to-me car.   Couldn’t get a blue one.   It is dark grey  –  cosmic grey!

But I am still heartbroken at losing Blue Babe.



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