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Assumed consent will lead to withdrawal of consent

The trouble with this and any Labour government is that it doesn’t allow for people like Mr Womble on Tour and me.

I see the question of “assumed consent” for organ donation is being raised again  –  this time by the Royal College of Nursing.   And that is despite the very clear statement on Mr WoT’s blog that nobody is to assume his consent.

You see that’s the thing about people like me.   I have carried a donor card and been on the central register since the scheme was first set up.   But as soon as the government sticks its great boot in to try to take control over what I’m doing, then I immediately think oh well, I won’t do it then.   I’ll withdraw my donor registration and refuse consent.  

Governments, particularly Labour ones, want sheep who meekly do what they tell them.   But Sepoy and Mr WoT are not like that.   We like to run our own lives, and any move to compulsion or assumed consent has a negative effect.



For We Are the People of England, and We have not Spoken Yet.

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