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Locked in the lavatory, no hairdresser, but she still triumphed!

What little gems come out of the National Archives each year when the release date for a particular story is reached.

It is wonderful to imagine Mother Thatcher being locked in the lavatory  –  albeit at a posh hotel in Houston  –  and poor old Denis got stuck there as well.   And then the information that she, Leader of the Opposition at the time, was not provided with a hairdresser or someone to press her dress.   A secretary had to take Mother’s clothes home to wash as there were no laundry facilities.   Apparently the visit was considered to be very successful.

Interesting, too, to learn that in 1977 the Labour Government prepared a briefing paper about her speeches and said……..

“the dominant characteristics of Mrs Thatcher’s speeches is that they say very little.   She never goes into details of Conservative policy on particular topics…………  This is clearly a considered approach…………  Nevertheless she is putting together a programme which will enable her to enter the next election with very few specific commitments.”

If that sounds like criticisms made in the last year or so about David Cameron, just remember Mrs T went on to a massive victory two years later!



For We Are the People of England, and We have not Spoken Yet.

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