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Benazir Bhutto

Another tragic day for the world  –  and one which has seen the assassination of another woman who climbed to the top in her country against all the odds in a conservative muslim state.

Some of the obits have been less than generous in reviewing her life and achievements, but she was loved by vast numbers of her fellow countrymen and women.  

She returned to Pakistan knowing her life would be in danger from the moment she stepped on its soil.   She died while fighting an election campaign which looked as though she had a good chance of winning, and just after addressing a public meeting. 

Apart from the personal tragedy for her family and her party, her death signals a new and worrying step on the road which could lead to outright civil war.   Riots have already started.   Pakistan is poised on a knife edge.  Remember the country is a nuclear power.   2008 could see the start of bloody conflict, and victory for the medieval Taleban poised in the north.

This troubled region causes ever more problems for its own population and for the rest of the world.   We must all hope the violence does not escalate.



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