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Classical music can’t be bought in the shops

It’s a strange thing  –  Classic FM is an immensely popular radio station and has its own popular magazine.   Radio 3 seems to do well, and there are excellent classical music programmes on television, not frequently but fairly regularly, on BBC2 and BBC 4 in particular.

But have you tried buying classical music in the shops lately?

I went to a smallish town centre branch of WH Smith.   They had no music CDs or DVDs at all, just films.   I tried a big regional shopping centre branch of WH Smith.   They had music, but no classical to speak of;  just a few Three Tenors and Katherine Jenkins.   They are fine, but not what I wanted.  I wanted piano music by a particular artist.

I went to HMV.   Well, they must have it.   Aren’t HMV the centre of the universe as far as music recordings are concerned?   Not any more;  once again the only classical recordings I could find were the one or two current popular ones;   Katherine Jenkins again.

So certainly around where I live, it is impossible to buy classical music in the shops.

Back home, HMV’s website was able to supply exactly what I wanted, but now I have to wait for them to be shipped.

When the present generations of elderly and middle aged die off, it looks as though classical music will have a no doubt keen and devoted, but very small audience.   Popular music has taken over the world.



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