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The Few – Our proud history, how dare he knock it

Those who can, do.   Those who can’t teach about it.   Those who really can’t try to change history.

Never must that have been more true.

How dare a historian called Anthony Cumming, from the safety and comfort of his twenty-first century life with all its modern equipment and luxury, suggest that the Battle of Britain pilots couldn’t even shoot straight!   He says they were poorly trained and ineffective in combat.

He says that the history of the Battle should be re-assessed  –  that it was not the great triumph that we all celebrate and that Winston Churchill so memorably marked when he called those who took part “The Few”.

Ronald Scrase, a veteran of the Battle, now in his eighties and with a proud chest full of medals, including the DFC, says that’s not how he remembers it, nor how those who lost their lives would have seen it.   But he says he’s not angry, just thinks Mr Cumming’s claims are laughable.

Well, I’ve got two things to say to Mr Cumming.

1.   We won the Battle.   Hitler turned back from the Channel coast and did not try to invade again.

2.  I wonder how he would have got on flying an impossible number of hours, tired, losing friends and colleagues every time the Squadron went up.   I suspect he might have changed his view.



For We Are the People of England, and We have not Spoken Yet.

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