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A completely inconsequential post about a Fly

Today a spider has constructed a truly beautiful web outside my window, quite close to the glass.  

I think it is the most complete, traditional shaped spider’s web that I have ever seen.   The spider was big, with a huge round body.

It was not long before a small insect and two houseflies were caught in the web.

And then the spider came along and carefully, painstakingly, slowly enveloped one of the flies.   As it wrapped the fly so that it disappeared into a white cocoon, its shape became unrecognizable.   Then the spider left it and went away.

And all the time as I watched this taking place a chill came over me.   It was like watching one of those sci-fi films where the aliens cocoon the earthmen and store them away.



For We Are the People of England, and We have not Spoken Yet.

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