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The milk police are at it again

I see the mother’s milk police are at it again.

There is a letter in The Times today from eight so-called experts, of both genders, from all sorts of nasty sounding pressure groups, including one called Baby Feeding Law Group.   How’s that for scary!

They are pointing out that the consultation on the law on formula milk advertising ends this Friday  –  ie they want to ban advertising.

I come from a generation where, not only were the vast majority of babies born in their own homes, but most mothers used formula milk as a matter of course.   Breast feeding was hardly heard of.   None of us seems too bad as a result.

The letter actually says:-

“All parents have the right to choose how to feed their babies, free from commercial pressures.   Parents who use formula also need clear and accurate information on its use.”

But they can’t see that by banning advertising the knowledge of a source of infant food is denied to mothers.   Because you can bet any “information” on the subject provided by these people will be heavily biased in favour of breast feeding, and will make out that feeding a child formula milk is as bad as giving it cocaine!

Just go away experts, and leave people to make their own decisions.  



For We Are the People of England, and We have not Spoken Yet.

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