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Car owners – it’s time we stood up for ourselves

What a wonderful letter in The Times correspondence columns today.   It is from Mr Arthur Burgess of Twickenham:-   “I note from your report on ‘the identity of Britain’ (Sept 8th) that 46 million adults have cars.   Indeed 30 million have two.   Only 2 million have no car.   Why, then, do we, the overwhelming majority, accept the imposition of ever more taxes, parking restrictions and penalties, and a whole industry of quasi-prosecutors?

“Why do we, who individually contribute directly to the Exchequer at least £1,000 per car per year in regular duties and taxes, that is some £50 billion collectively, to say nothing of taxes on car purchase, repair etc, supinely accept constant denigration by politicians of all hues?

Why, indeed, does the motoring public not rise en masse and throw these blighters out?”

I’m very happy to join Mr Burgess in his revolt.   Motorists are just seen as an easy target for everything  –  taxation, police arrest targets, and so on.

Livingstone is a perfect example of a non-driver, non car owner who absolutely hates private cars and motorists.

No public transport will ever be able to compete with the comfort, convenience and flexibility of my car.   It takes me from door to door.   I don’t have to get cold or wet.    It is there waiting at the precise moment that I want to leave, and if I stop to take a ‘phone call it is still waiting when I have finished.   I do not have to sit in a mess of litter or endure bad smells of packed bodies in hot conditions.   If the car is dirty, it is my dirt.   I can keep umbrella, coat, water, and whatever else in the car in case I need these things.   I can use it as an extension to my office.    It will carry the week’s shopping for me and large, bulky purchases.

Anyone who hates all of that is a dinosaur still living in a world that believes private property must not be allowed  –  a control freak who wants to marshal us all to his way of thinking.    It’s time we car owners and drivers stood up for ourselves.



For We Are the People of England, and We have not Spoken Yet.

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