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A bus for the bath

I’ve been giving some more thought overnight, (couldn’t sleep), to the suggestion from the Tory Quality of Life policy commission that supermarkets, DIY stores, etc, be forced to charge for parking.   I’m delighted that David Cameron has distanced himself from the suggestion, of course.

What I wonder, though, is whether any of the commission’s members have ever been to a large B & Q or Homebase? 

If they had, they would have seen people paying at the checkout for a full-size door, for example.   What fun it would be to get that on a bus.   Or it might be a bathroom suite.   B & Q often have those standing quite near the checkout, on the pay and go principle, (no pun intended).   How many seats on the bus would that take?   Then there are rolls of carpet, large wood garden table and chair sets, and many, many similar things.

I can just see how pleased all the other passengers on the bus would be:  delays while the bathroom suite is manhandled on board;  blocking the way for other passengers;  does the bath have to have its own bus ticket?  “please stand back while the loo disembarks”.



For We Are the People of England, and We have not Spoken Yet.

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