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An excellent new way to find a private parking space

Lovely story today about commuters renting parking space on private house drives.   And surely Luke Kelly, founder of Park Let, has to be the ultimate modern entrepreneur who spotted an opportunity and capitalized on it.

So houseowners with big or wide drives get a little bit of rent without inconvenience, and commuters get somewhere to park, which they know is not going to be bagged by someone else before they arrive.   Elderly houseowners apparently particularly like the idea of a car coming and going as it makes them feel safer.

But the greatest advantage of course is that the commuters avoid parking meters or expensive town centre car parks, and, as many of the spaces are just outside the congestion charging zone, they avoid that iniquitous charge as well.

Hurrah for all of them I say.   But I can’t help that sinking feeling that the puritanical government and the killjoy car-hating Livingstone will be working overtime to stop the parkers, the renters and Mr Kelly getting any benefit.   They’ll ban the scheme or tax it at an exorbitant rate.



For We Are the People of England, and We have not Spoken Yet.

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