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The iniquitous booking fee

A theatre needs to sell its tickets so that it has an audience for its performances, and can make money.

An airline needs to sell its tickets so that its flights are full, and it can make money.

That’s their purpose.   That’s what they are in business for.

But now we are getting some interesting additions.   Theatres not only take the price of the ticket off you, they take a booking fee as well.   It’s as if they are doing you a favour by letting you buy their tickets.

Ryanair has announced today that it is going to make a charge for airport check-in.    It’s not as if you can board the aircraft and fly without checking-in.  You can check-in on line free of charge, but that’s not always convenient, and you can only do that if you only have hand luggage.

Of course, the cost of the booking office and the check-in will have been included in the ticket price all the time.   In just the same way that the garage includes the cost of the plastic seat cover and the paper floor mat when calculating the cost of your service.

So now the theatres and the airline are charging the cost twice.   And because we want to see the play or concert, and because we want to fly, we are mugs enough to pay up.



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