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Actually the Council Tax could owe me money

Every time I read yet another story that we’re all going to be charged for each binful of rubbish we have collected every week I’ve been getting very hot under the collar.   My theme  –  what the hell am I paying this vast amount of Council Tax for?

The list of Council services I don’t use is long:-  education, social services, housing, planning, libraries, sports facilities, etc, etc.   The only things I get, for what is a considerable percentage of my monthly income, is a wheelie bin emptied once a week and the recycling taken away, the street lighting, non-existent street cleaning, and infrequent and badly carried out road and footway maintenance.   Now that doesn’t seem very good value for money.

But the more I think about it, the more my view is changing.

Perhaps we could take this strategy further  –  paying for the services the Council carries out for us.   That way, and based on the above, my monthly payment would be tiny.   In fact, I can visualise a situation where they would probably owe me money.



For We Are the People of England, and We have not Spoken Yet.

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